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Буду в ЛА с 05-20 октября. Ищу попутчиков для поездок по национальным паркам. Ва… »



Ищу интересного мужчину попутчика, который планирует посетить летом Италию на ма… »



КРИВОЙ РОГ - ВРОЦЛАВВЫЕЗД:В Польшу - Понедельник, Среда, Пятница в 10:00С Польши… »



ЗАПОРОЖЬЕ - ПОЗНАНЬВЫЕЗД:В Польшу - Пятница в 7:00С Польши - Воскресенье в 13:00… »



МАРГАНЕЦ - ЛОДЗЬТуда - отправление по СубботамОбратно - ПонедельникПеревозки осу… »



БЕНДЕРЫ - МОСКВАТуда - отправление по ПятницамОбратно - ВоскресеньеПеревозки осу… »

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One Turkish proverb states that “no road is long with good company” and this is the undeniable truth! Finding a fellow traveller to share your journeys with will mean changing the quiet pastime, making the road safer and more enjoyable, whilst lowering the cost of the whole trip. Thus, you have the Find a Companion web-site – a social network for travellers. Every person, at least once in their life has gone on a trip, voyage, cruise, train ride, flight etc. Unfortunately, not always one is able to spend this time amongst friends or family, or just pleasant company. How many unrealizable dreams crushed against the savage cliff of reality of life: a mismatch in holiday dates, financial issues, lack of a reliable travel buddy… But all these obstacles can now be left in the past – now it is enough to appeal to the network – [“looking for a companion”] and people will answer your call. Carefully explain where you would like to go. For those turning to resorts gleams a wonderful opportunity for a meeting with an interesting person that may eventually grow into a long-standing friendship. If you find the right candidate for your category of a travel companion, matching in age, intellect, social and economic backgrounds, you could look to save a lot of money. An example could mean sharing accommodation, cashing in on group discounts, or simply ensuring support and interaction during the time spent in a strange land. Choose one friend, a couple, a group of friends that share your interests and your holiday will turn into a delightful and effortless adventure. Your search for a companion has been worked out by the website to the smallest detail. In order to establish a connection with a future friend, and get to know them better, you can contact them through personal messages. Great company leaves a lasting warmth in the memories of those who travel together. So go ahead and brave the new path, city, country, choose a fellow wanderer for any quest – meet, connect, befriend, and don’t forget to share your experiences and impressions!